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    All rules are applied to everyone including staff, whilst visiting

    Note: These rules are subject to change at any time without notice.​


    I. Account Sharing

    Please refrain from sharing your account with other individuals. This includes your friends or siblings in real life. This action will result in a account closure and you'll be forced to remake a new one.

    II. Advertising

    Please refrain from advertising any sort of websites on the forum. This includes other forums, hotels, hosting companies, online services outside of Habboon, etc. This type of behavior will result in a permanent ban from the forums.

    III. Avoiding Bans/Multiple Accounts

    Please refrain from making and/or using multiple accounts. When making multiple accounts, not only are you taking usernames for future members, but you are also making user moderating more difficult. This means that if you are banned or not, you are NOT allowed to have/use more than one account per person. Doing so will result in all accounts permanently banned.

    IV. Bumping Threads

    Please refrain from bumping threads. This means that you can not go in your own thread and post "bump", etc. If the thread is directed to the public you are able to reply no matter how long the thread is. Also please make sure if you are replying to a questionable thread that the answer is related to the question and is not off topic.

    V. Clear Title

    Please refrain from making vague thread titles. When making a thread, please make sure that the thread title is clear. If you make a thread without the title being clear, it may be misleading to other members, etc. This type of action may result in your thread closed.

    VI. Double Posting

    Please refrain from double posting as much as possible. BoonForums has a plugin implemented which if you post anything after 20 minutes of your original posting and there's no other post between yours, your second post will be merged into your first one. After that, threads with double posting will result in a user warning and/or infraction.

    VII. English Only

    Please refrain from posting in any other language than English. BoonForums is an English speaking forum but welcomes all nationalities. This type of behavior will result in your content altered and/or an infraction.

    VIII. Engaging in Illegal Activity

    Please refrain from posting content with discussion of or engaging in illegal activity such as:
    • Hacking
    • Cracking
    • DDoS / DoS
    • Torrents
    • Warez
    • Scripting
    • Child Pornography
    • IP Logging
    • Etc..
    This is completely unacceptable, and is not tolerated lightly here at BoonForums. This includes threatening members, speaking of, or linking websites to. By posting this kind of material will result in a permanent ban or an infraction.

    IX. Insulting Members

    Please refrain from insulting other members. When you insult other members, nothing good comes out of it. It just results in anger, and possibly hurt feelings on the other individual. This includes racial remarks/slurs, sly digs, discrimination of ones sexual orientation, etc. This also means that you should not spark arguments, etc. This type of behavior will result in a ban or an infraction.

    X. Off Topic Post(s)/Spamming

    Please refrain from posting off topic from the original post as it not only results in spam, but it can also cause other members to go off topic as well. By doing this action, it may result in your content altered and/or an infraction.

    XI. Personal Information

    Please refrain from sharing other members personal information without their consent. For example, you are not allowed to share someones address, phone number, personal Facebook, social network URL, etc. without their permission. By doing this action it may result in your content altered and/or a permanent ban.

    XII. Showing Authority

    Please refrain from showing authority in threads. Not only does this not help the situation, but you are also going off topic as well.

    XIII. Wrong Section

    Please refrain from posting in the wrong section as it creates unwanted spam. It also gets nothing done as people who are viewing this section are not here for the content that you have posted. Each section of BoonForums is properly labeled. If you're unsure of where to post it, post it in Spam! and it'll be moved to the proper section.

    XIV. Inappropriate/Offensive Content

    Please refrain from posting any sort of inappropriate or offensive content. This includes posting and/or linking to pornography, graphic violence, suicidal references, racial slurs, illegal activity, etc. BoonForums is not strictly 18+ but if you'd like to post pornographic content, you will need to click here. By doing this action outside the Porn Dump 18+ section, it will result in your content altered or a ban may be issued.

    XV. Marketing/Account Selling

    Please refrain from selling or trading accounts or any other material. This includes buying/selling Habboon accounts, Habboon credits, Habboon furniture, Habbo accounts, Habbo furniture, social networking accounts, etc. This is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban or an infraction may be given.

    XVI. Post Count Fluffing

    Please refrain from "post count fluffing" also known as post count boosting. All content here at BoonForums is to be related to the topic of discussion at all times and fairly posted. By doing this action, your post count may be altered or an infraction may be given.

    XVII. "Like" Count Boosting

    Please refrain from "like" count boosting. This includes creating threads encouraging other users to like your thread(s)/post(s) or "like for like." All "likes" are meant to be earned fairly and used in a way to show support of the thread/post. By doing this action, your "like" count may be altered or an infraction maybe given.

    XVIII. Use of MOD/ADMIN Notices

    Please refrain from using MOD/ADMIN Notices. These are strictly for Administrator and Moderator notes, not for normal usage of users. By doing this action, your post may be altered and an infraction/ban may be given.

    XIX. Undermining a Forum Staff Member

    Please refrain from undermining an action by a Forum Staff Member. This includes restoring a post after a Forum Staff Member edit, complaining about a ban, infraction, or even openly criticizing a Forum Staff Member. If a user has an issue with a Forum Staff Member, we ask that they contact them in private via personal message. If a user has a warning or infraction issue, it may be reviewed by the person who issued the infraction. By doing this action, you may receive an infraction or forum account ban.

    XX. Backseat Moderating

    Please refrain from "Backseat Moderating." This includes pretending to or jokingly claiming to be a Staff Member of the forums or Habboon. If you see another user breaking one or more of the forum rules, please use the report feature on the post and their actions will be handled appropriately. By doing this action, you may receive an infraction or permanent forum account ban.

    By registering here at BoonForums, you automatically agree that you've read and understand the Forum Rules.
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