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  3. Hello, this is a post that quickly explains the Frequently Asked Questions to Gamer of the Week.

    How am I able to get a strike in GOTW?

    Strikes are given to users for various reasons within the GOTW competition. You may be given a strike for the following
    • Dis-respecting an event host continuously.
    • Abusing users in a staff-supervised event room.
    • Cheating (giving answers, rigging etc)
    • Teaming (telling people who to pick, walking out to let users win etc)
    What happens if I get a strike in GOTW?
    • STRIKE 1: Users are no longer able to place in the GOTW article for the corresponding week.
    • STRIKE 2: Users are no longer able to receive GOTW points (which now give a free diamond).
    • STRIKE 3: Users are no longer able to partake in staff supervised GOTW events for the rest of the week, until the leaderboard is reset on the Sunday.
    Where can I find the GOTW rules?
    There will be a link to the GOTW rules here when the new rule-book is finished. Sorry about that.

    How am I able to get a strike for hosting, in GOTW?
    Strikes for hosting are given out for various reasons, too. You may be given a strike for the following
    • Abusing members in your own events.
    • Kicking or banning a user from the room. (Kicking is only prohibited with staff permission. Always request a summon first.)
    • Faulty wired that causes the events to stop.
    • Rigging events for specific users to win.
    • Refusing staff co-operation, if a supervisor tries to help/guide you.
    If you believe that you have been given a strike for unfair circumstances, please find an administrator or manager in-game.

    What happens if I get a strike for hosting, in GOTW?
    No action will be taken during your first or second strike, but they will contribute to you being closer to a third strike. Gaining a third strike means that you will not be able to host for an entire month until that third strike is gone. Strikes remain on your account for one month and are automatically removed when a month has passed.

    This thread will be up-dated overtime to keep up to date with the changes of Gamer of the Week and to add more frequently asked questions. The current article hosts are MOD-tommy and pespidoge, so if you have a question related directly to the article post - please find them in-game. Every other staff member should be able to help you with any other questions you have about Gamer of the Week.

    Last updated: 20/05/2018
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