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    DO NOT PM any Staff members including Wouto, Ash or Sledmore with your ban appeal. You'll be ignored!

    Were you banned and think it was an unfair ban and you deserve another chance? Well, you're in the right spot. In order to have a chance at getting unbanned, you must fill out a ban appeal. This will be reviewed by Staff for a final decision. If you do not fully read and understand this thread, your appeal will be denied!

    Note: This section is completely hidden from other users. Nobody but yourself and Habboon Staff can view or reply to your appeal.

    Ban Appeal Format

    Important Information

    • Please refrain from tagging the Staff Member who banned you as they're not going to be the ones looking into your appeal.
    • All ban appeals must be posted by the person who was banned, not a friend or representative.
    • Your ban must be longer than 3 days in order to be eligible for a ban appeal.
    • Do not report this post to submit your ban appeal.
    • If you're on a VPN, OR something that allows you to access sites that aren't available in your country, TURN THEM OFF! This is one of the MAIN reasons you are "banned."


    Once you're ready to submit your Ban Appeal, please do so by clicking here.
    • Do not PM any Staff Members about your ban appeal or to look into your ban appeal. You will be infracted and ignored if you continue to do so.
    • Do not post a thread without using the proper format or post in the wrong section.
    • All ban appeals are private. Only Habboon Staff can view and reply to ban appeals.
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